Video Transcript

Hi, Alumni, it's Dr. B with the most exciting message. As Richard mentioned at the Congress this past June, you will be the first group of students to have the extraordinary opportunity to receive your Certification in Advanced Science Research Writing under the auspices of some of the greatest scientists in the world, our Nobel Laureates. Receiving this Certification will not only change the course of your college admissions but will change the course of your career on campus as young scientists vying for the most competitive science research internships.

Let's look at what it means to receive the Laureate Certification in Advanced Science Research Writing. Firstly, for those students who have already demonstrated a thread of intellectual passion for research by competing in fairs and competitions, you will now have a historic addition to your college resume under the heading of "science research." And you'll have a PDF image for your resume of the Nobel Laureates' signatures on your Certification to prove it.

Next, for those who have never engaged in science research during high school, you will now have a listing on your resume under the heading of "science research." A listing that will not only impress admissions because of the weight of the laureates' imprimatur, but because you have demonstrated that you push beyond intellectual boundaries by finding fascinating ways to learn outside of school.

The course leading to Certification can be completed on your own time. You can stockpile the modules as they arrive in your inbox and take the course over a couple of school breaks when you have less stress and work. If you do not pass a section because you were taking that section by the pool over vacation, it's on you to repeat the module and retake the quiz. This ability to retake the course at your speed and on your time makes the Certification eminently doable.

At the end of the course, there will be a final exam. Those who pass will receive their beautiful Certificates signed by the Nobel Laureates and suitable for framing, as well as a PDF image of the Certification to be included both in your ResuMotiv and on your resume for college applications. For those who are seniors, don't worry that you won't be able to complete the course in time for application deadlines. You will now be able to say on your application that you have been selected to be in the first group of STEM students to take this course under the auspices of the Laureates, leading to Certification and that you will update admissions when you complete the course and receive that Certification. Admissions is thrilled to learn about your work every step of the way. That's what admissions updates are for.

Now, once on campus as a young scientist, getting in the door for a top lab internship requires sending resumes and letters to lab directors. Think about it. How will you get in over an Intel ISEF winner? Having this historic and eminent credential will get you noticed right away. That's why the Nobel Laureates are lending their names and reputations to it. Lab directors at colleges are busy and don't want to teach a newbie how to write up research and notes, so having this Certification shows that you have informational background on research writing, practical knowledge, remember they don't call those high school labs lab practicals for nothing, and an impressive credential in science research. You'll be able to hit the ground running at any lab.

Now, a word about the cost to enroll in this course. The regular enrollment fee will be $1,295, but for a limited time, we will honor the Congress discount price. That's either a single payment of $895 or three payments of $315. What a phenomenal and historic accomplishment this certification would be for you. I hope you all take advantage of this exciting opportunity and good luck to all of you who do.