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I’m so pleased you’ve decided to enroll in the College Admission Success System. I know my suite of Admission Tools will be incredibly useful to you and that you’ll find my Ask Me Anything live session to be chock-full of important information to help you succeed. I’m also excited to deliver my weekly coaching emails to your inbox over the next half-year. They’ll keep you motivated and on-track, no matter which class grade you’re in.

However, before you check out, there’s one more thing you should carefully think about: obtaining a powerful credential that will set you apart from other high-achieving applicants, and give you an edge in admission to your most desired college or university.

I’m talking about the Science Research Writing Certification Course leading to the Laureate Certification.

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This self-paced online course will provide three crucial benefits for you:

(1) You will possess the essential skillset for any scientist, researcher, or medical professional: the ability to author a professional-grade research paper.

(2) Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive your Laureate Certification, denoted with a certificate signed by a Nobel Prize winner in Medicine or Physiology. This suitable-for-framing certificate will be accompanied by an online credential which can be included with your college and/or lab internship application.

(3) Because the comprehensive course materials never expire, they will become a lifelong resource for you, a reference you can return to as you author papers in college and beyond.

Don’t worry about biting off more than you can chew by also enrolling in the Science Research Writing Certification Course at the same time as the College Admission Success System (CASS). CASS is there to help you succeed in the college acceptance process. The Science Research Writing Course leading to the Laureate Certification is there to give you an impressive STEM credential and an intellectual boost! And the Science Certification Course is completely self-paced. You can begin whenever you like and take as long as you want to complete it. The typical minimum length of time to complete the course is 10 weeks (although enthusiastic students can fast-track through the course and complete it sooner) but there is no maximum time or required finish date.

I hope you’ll take advantage of the reduced course tuition available only for a limited time and enroll right now. This is the only time of year when tuition is discounted with a special scholarship only for Congress Delegates and Alumni. It’s our gift to you!

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Discounted SRWC Tuition
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3 Payments of $315 (regularly $445)
A Single Payment of $895 (regularly $1,295)