Laureate Certification Course in Advanced Science Research Writing

For the first time in history, Nobel Prize Winners have come together to certify dedicated high school STEM students in science research writing and formally recognize their outstanding achievement.

This intensive 10-week course consists of self-paced modules covering all aspects of documenting a research project & creating a professional grade research paper.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will receive an official certificate signed by a Nobel Laureate and will possess the skills and knowledge to author a paper which may be submitted to the most prestigious national and international STEM competitions. This extraordinary distinction will change the course of your college admissions and will further inform your passion for STEM.

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Dr. Deborah Bedor, author of the Amazon best-selling book Getting IN by Standing OUT: The New Rules for Admission to America's Best Colleges, and CEO of College Admission Central.

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For the First Time in History, You Will Have the Opportunity to Acquire:

  1. An Exclusive Credential: THE LAUREATE CERTIFICATION IN ADVANCED SCIENCE RESEARCH WRITING. Upon completion of this course, you will receive a beautiful, suitable-for-framing certificate, signed by a world-renowned NOBEL PRIZE WINNER, along with a PDF version of this eminent credential that can be submitted with your college applications, or for securing lab internships, and summer jobs.
  2. Elite Knowledge & Skills: By completing this comprehensive certification course, you'll possess the advanced level knowledge and skill set required to create a professional research paper that can be submitted to the most prestigious national and international STEM competitions.
  3. A Lifelong Resource: You'll be able to return to the course materials again and again, whenever you need guidance in preparing a professional research paper. It's a reference that will keep you on the cutting edge of high school, college, and graduate school research opportunities.
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What Course Graduates Say

“The Laureate Certification course is very comprehensive in terms of how it takes students through step-by-step procedures in creating a high-caliber research paper. The videos in each module offer real scientific examples and a clear explanation of what is expected in each section. When I seek out opportunities to do research in college, this course will have served as a solid basis to my research paper writing skills. I'm truly honored to be one of the first participants in this one of a kind course and I firmly believe that it will be of tremendous help to my future college and professional career.”
—Mike M.

"As an aspiring scientist and researcher, achieving a certification in advanced science research writing has tremendous implications for my pursuit of an educational career in science. With this certification by two esteemed Nobel Laureates and researchers, I am confident that I will make terrific improvement in my scientific writing for national science fairs, research papers, and abstracts. Where scientific research is not taught in schools, this program can completely change a student’s academic experience in STEM. It sheds meaningful light on writing lab notebooks, explaining methods, and drawing conclusions from thought-provoking experiments."
—Justin H.

"This rigorous course allowed me to acquire a deeper appreciation for the level of detail involved in writing a scientific research paper. Upon completion, I have gained confidence in my abilities to present my future research professionally to the scientific community. Thank you for the utmost support from Nobel Laureates.
—Samantha L.

“I’ve learned many things about the unique thought process that goes into writing a research paper and the grammatical techniques that are vital to writing an effective paper.”
—Aidin A.

“This helped me think more like a scientist and researcher, and gave me more confidence in my ability to do research writing now and in the future.”
—D. I., Illinois

“As a student who wants to do research in high school and college, it is really helpful to know how to do science research writing. This course taught me exactly that—a wealth of research vocabulary, formatting regulations, and accepted procedures for each step in an experiment.”
—S. C., New York

“The course has already begun to benefit me. I have shared the online certificate with colleges that I want to go to and when applying for scholarships, and I believe that it has really made the difference in my applications and acceptances. It also provides me with a lifelong skill in an easy to learn format, giving me an advantage over my peers who probably haven't even begun to learn about scientific research writing.”
—N. M., Ohio

“This course and certification will help me with my future in college and in my career."
—Alejandra P..

“The course has benefited me by teaching the foundations of writing a competitive science research paper and adding to the depth of my college résumé.”
—R. P., Georgia

“This course has benefited my ability to understand and create a lab notebook. This will help me tremendously during my summer research programs…and during my college career.”
—Lexy K.

The Course is Open. Enroll Now!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. You have a full 30 days to evaluate every aspect of the course with no risk. If you are not happy with your decision, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

"This unique course will provide you with the skills and tools you need to create a professional grade research paper, and your certification will open the door to coveted college acceptances, research opportunities, and the most eminent science competitions."

Dr. Deborah Bedor, CEO of College Admission Central
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