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Tens of Thousands of Students Apply to Med Programs Each Year But Only a Relative Handful Get Accepted

But Dr. B and her expert team of medical admissions professionals will tilt the odds in your favor. Now available, for the first time: an exclusive suite of knowledge products, online tools, and proprietary resources that will enable you to gain extreme competitive advantage and jump ahead of the pack—while avoiding the traps that ensnare less well-prepared applicants.

If you're seeking acceptance into college pre-med, college direct-med, and even post-college medical school programs, you may think you know what to expect when you begin to apply. But you don't.

You might think you know how high the bar has been set for you, and what's actually required to clear that bar. But you don't.

You may think you know what will happen during the all-important interview, and the types of questions you'll be asked. But you don't.

You might believe you have the skills to write a powerful application essay—one that will truly elevate you and convince the admissions committee that you deserve to be among the very select few admitted to their highly competitive program. But you probably don't, and neither does anyone else you might ask for help with this absolutely crucial aspect of your application.

You may think that your top grades, high scores, and glowing recommendations will carry the most weight in gaining admission to medical school. But what you might not realize is that those are only the prerequisites. There is much more to a successful application.

Clearly, far too much is at stake to try and "wing this."

To achieve your dream of getting accepted to medical school, you need proper direction and access to specialized tools and resources. You must employ current and proven techniques, and you must obtain well-seasoned guidance from expert practitioners.

That is where the Pre-Med Advantage program comes in. PMA 2024 will change the game for you.

PMA 2024 —The Pre-Med Advantage Program

Essential Information and Guidance for Med Admissions Success

The Pre-Med Advantage program is precisely what you need to pursue your goal of becoming a physician or other highly credentialed medical professional. It brings together—for the very first time—the three missing pieces of the med admissions puzzle: mastering the admissions essay, acing the interview, and understanding the entire timeline and process. PMA effectively delivers all this in an interactive, self-paced online format.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Enroll

You'll get immediate access to a suite of unique tools and exclusive resources that will make a critical difference in your application process, including:

Your medical FuturE: Diagnostic evaluation module

You may not yet know what type of medicine you intend to practice. While that uncertainty can be understandable at this stage, you WILL be asked about your practice area preferences during the interview. Gaining insight into yourself and your best-suited field of practice is essential. This diagnostic evaluation module will provide it.

your primary and secondary medical school application essays: latest prompts and how to write them

A curated collection of ten difficult essay prompts found on the most recent medical school applications along with paradigmatic responses for each. You'll use these to understand how to craft highly effective, personalized responses of your own, and avoid the deadly trap of oversimplified and "fluffy" essays.

actual med school interview questions module

A "behind the scenes" exposé revealing the challenging questions interviewers often ask students (but students never hear about beforehand). This "advance warning" will give you the time to craft responses that impress.

About Dr. B.

Dr. Deborah Bedor "Dr. B." is sought after by students from around the country for her peerless essay application expertise and higher level thinking that differentiates college, direct-med, and medical school applicants. Her greatest passion is coaching students to attain their full potential and enabling them to achieve huge life goals.

PMA Modules

Covering the Essential Aspects of Med Admission Success


Module 1: Your Medical Future — Diagnostic Evaluation

With dozens of medical specialties to potentially pursue, it can be extremely difficult to decide which one is best for you. Choose correctly, and you'll be rewarded with a lifetime of deep satisfaction and meaning in your career. But make the wrong choice, and you may end up working in a field that does not bring you the rewards you had expected.

You may think there will be plenty of time in the future to narrow down your practice area preferences, but that is not the case. Admission officers and committees want you to clearly lay out your career objectives when you apply to their school. You will be expected to write about them in your Primary and Secondary application essays, and speak intelligently about them during your interviews.

Not counting sub-specialties, there are over 40 distinct practice areas within medicine. With such a diversity of options open before you now, how can you know which specialization will be a best fit for your personality and "mental wiring?"

Surprisingly, by answering just a dozen professionally constructed questions about various scenarios you might encounter in ordinary life, a specially-crafted diagnostic quiz for med students will reveal and illuminate some surprising aspects of your personality and aptitudes. As you progress through this evaluation, you'll discover which specialties you're particularly well-suited to pursue.


Module 2: Your Primary and Secondary Medical School Application Essays: The Latest Prompts and How to Write them

If there's one thing that strikes fear deep in the hearts of applicants, it's the prospect of failing to write a successful essay (more correctly, failing to write the multiple essays required for med school acceptance). This fear is well-founded. Most students struggle to produce a compelling draft, let alone create a polished final essay that'll move their applications forward.

The consequences can be devastating. There is no quicker way to get knocked out of the running than by submitting a mediocre Primary or Secondary application essay. Therefore, it's crucial to obtain the services of an experienced essay advisor who can help you to brainstorm concepts and assist with editing and polishing. But this is a rare skill indeed, and does not come cheaply. Quality advisors charge $300/hour and up, and it's not uncommon to book a dozen hours or more, from start to finish, on each essay.

In the Pre-Med Advantage program, you will gain access to 10 paradigmatic responses to the latest Primary and Secondary medical school application essay prompts. By reviewing these paradigms, you will be in a much stronger position to write your own responses. With this giant head start, you will save many thousands in advisor fees, and may even find that your draft needs virtually no polishing before submission.

Please note: the essay responses contained within this program are copyrighted and are made available on a limited basis to enrolled PMA 2024 students for their exclusive, private use.


Module 3: Actual Med School Interview Questions: "Behind the Scenes"

Ordinary undergraduate college admission interviews carry some weight... but the ones for BS/MD and post-college medical school programs are critical components of the admissions process. Non-med interviews are often light, collegial "get to know you" affairs. As long as you don't completely drop the ball or set off any concerning alarms, regular college interviews are not going to make or break your acceptance.

Not so with medical programs! Those interviews carry enormous weight, and you have to bring your A-game. You must persuade the interviewer that you belong among the best of the best candidates and present a very clear picture of your WHY for medical school and how deeply you've considered the future of healthcare and your place in it.

These are not softball questions. They are challenging, and specifically intended to expose your character, intellect, attitudes, life experiences, and ethics. Even though you will be required to think on your feet, the better you prepare beforehand, the more persuasive and fluid your responses.

Because PMA 2024 contains a curated collection of the most challenging questions asked during these interviews, you will dramatically improve your delivery of appropriate answers and, as a result, your probability of ACCEPTANCE!


Exclusive and Essential Bonuses Included in PMA 2024

PMA 2024 includes an exclusive suite of bonus elements that will help remove much of the fear, uncertainty, and doubt you may be feeling right now.

These resources will provide structure to your application process, debunk myths about med school, and provide valuable insight into highly desirable BS/MD (direct med) programs.

Program Bonuses

Included at No Additional Charge

Medical School Application Calendar

When it comes to admission, timing is critical and deadlines unforgiving. If you miss a deadline, or fail to begin preparing early enough, your chances of a successful acceptance will plummet.

You must know what do to at every stage, month by month, and follow through with specific tasks and action items.

The application calendar bonus in PMA 2024 will keep you focused and on-track.

Medical School Myths Debunked

Unfortunately, the med application process can easily become derailed by misinformation. Many hopeful students are mislead by myths and fail because they received bad or outdated advice.

PMA 2024 debunks five of the most dangerous myths surrounding med applications, including the weight of your GPA, selection of majors, the MCAT, research experiences, and letters of recommendation.

What You Must Know About BS/MD Programs

Many students are understandably attracted to direct-med programs. The prospect of gaining upfront admission to combined undergraduate plus medical school is highly compelling.

However, this attractiveness means an extreme level of competition for the limited number of BS/MD or BA/MD enrollments each year.

This PMA 2024 bonus will give you a head-start and best position you for acceptance.

What Makes PMA 2024 So Valuable?

If you were to attempt to recreate all the materials contained within PMA 2024 yourself, the costs would easily reach multiple thousands. None of the content in the Pre-Med Advantage program is publicly or freely available. All elements of the Pre-Med Advantage program are proprietary and nowhere else will you find such elevated sample essays or sophisticated diagnostic tools.

A One-Time Special Opportunity for Congress  Delegates Only

Because you have affirmed your strong interest in pursuing a medical career and demonstrated that interest by becoming a FutureDocs Delegate, a special one-time opportunity will be presented to you now. Exclusively for prospective Delegates and Alumni, and only for a limited time, the regular $495 enrollment fee for PMA 2024 will be discounted by 60%, making your investment just $199.

Discount Expires and Enrollment Closes at 10pm ET on Saturday, July 6th, 2024


You missed out!

discounted PMA 2024 enrollment Fee

For FutureDocs Delegates & Alumni ONLY

Full Enrollment Fee $495

 60% Off Discount = $199

  • Single Payment for Full Enrollment
  • 6 Full Years of Access
  • Access to All Modules
  • Immediate Start
  • 30-Day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee
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100% Satisfaction-GuaranteE

If, for any reason, this program does not meet your needs, you can get a full refund any time within 30 days after enrolling. Just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll issue a swift refund.


is this a self-paced program?

Absolutely. There is no required start or end date. You can proceed at your own pace, and master the materials whenever you have available time.

Is PMA Appropriate for me if I am a high school student just applying pre-med and not direct-med?

Yes, of course these modules will be invaluable because all pre-med students have to take the same set of courses in college in order to succeed on MCATs and interviews, and, therefore, tend to have some sort of STEM major or minor. If you are writing supplementary college essays as a pre-med student, you must write about your future intellectual and professional goals, including the academic areas you wish to study and the thoughtful contemporary concerns surrounding those fields. You will be able to craft beautiful and elevated essay drafts once you study the examples in your PMA module. PMA will also give you a good sense of the calendar ahead and how to stage your study, shadowing, research, and community outreach based on when you must prepare for MCATs, applications, and interviews.

Will this teach me to write strong med school essays?

YES! Absolutely. We learn first and best by imitation. PMA provides the most creative, intellectual, and contemporary sample essays from the latest season of successful medical applications. These are not your basic high school or college essays. These are medical school essays centering on higher level thinking in ethics, philosophy, STEM, and practical experience.

Will PMA be useful to me if I pursue Nursing?

Major essays and interview questions will be similar to med school because you are entering a healthcare profession where many of the same concerns and ethical issues are prevalent. Applicants must always explain their WHY for wanting to become nurses and explain why each particular school's program can help them achieve their goals. Therefore, PMA can help you.

What if I'm a college student now applying to med school? is this enough of a start?

YES! This product will knock off thousands of dollars from the advising fee you will have to pay your med-school application advisor because you will already be a savvy applicant.

Is there a point to purchasing this program now instead of when I'm ready to apply?

YES! Particularly if you want to obtain it at the Congress discount of 60% off the regular enrollment fee. When offered to the general public, the Pre-Med Advantage program is $495.

How long will i have access to the materials?

Six full years.

Can my siblings gain access to this after I complete the modules?

Yes. You will be granted a limited license to share your credentials and access with immediate family members (ONLY).

How will it help me with interviews?

Not everyone can think on their feet and  some of the questions asked by medical school interviewers these days seem to come out of left field. Medical school interviews are extremely challenging and crucial to your admission. Once you're invited for to interview, you're almost there... however, if you mess up your interview, it won't matter how wonderful your application was. In PMA, you will be exposed to some of the most challenging questions, have ample opportunity to absorb them, and therefore be very well prepared for your interviews.

Who has collaborated on the pre-med advantage program

Dr. Bedor, one of America's most beloved and renowned college mentors and advisors, wrote and developed PMA in collaboration with a team of physicians and medical school admissions interviewers who know what future medical school admissions is looking for from you.

Is there any overlap or repetition between CASS and PMA?

No, because the College Admission Success System (CASS) centers only on college applications, its essays, and multimedia resume presentation. PMA is just for pre-meds or students who major in diverse fields but know they intend to go to medical, dental,  or veterinary school.

Enroll in PMA 2024 Now for Immediate Access

And Take Advantage of the 60% OFF Discount Exclusively for FutureDocs Delegates

A Final Note from Dr. B.

I created the Pre-Med Advantage Program in collaboration with my team of medical school admissions experts and medical practitioners to provide students with the proven strategies and sample resources that have worked wonders to elevate all of our students’ medical school applications, resulting in acceptances at our nation's top pre-med collegiate programs, direct-medical programs, and post-college medical schools.

If you are serious about achieving your goals in the most highly competitive decade for medical school applicants to date, I strongly encourage you to enroll in PMA 2024 right now, while the window is still open this month. Once it closes, you'll be shut out of the discount because PMA 2024 returns to its regular price of $495 after July 6th.

Don't hesitate. Your future begins now.

Dr Deborah Bedor

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