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Regular Decision College Admission Dates

Babson College: by mid-March
Barnard College: by late March
Bates College: by April 1
Boston College: by April 1
Bowdoin: by early April
Brandeis: by April 1
Brown University: by end of March
Bucknell University: by March 28
Caltech: by mid-March
Carleton College: by April 1
Carnegie Mellon University: by April 15
Claremont McKenna College: by April 1
Columbia University: by late March
Connecticut College: by late March
Cornell University: by early April
Dartmouth College: by late March
Davidson College: by April 1
Duke University: by April 1
Emory University: by April 1
Georgetown University: by April 1
Hamilton College: by late March
Harvard University: by late March
Harvey Mudd College: by April 1
Haverford College: by early April
Johns Hopkins University: by March 17
Lehigh University: by late March
Middlebury: by March 18
MIT: by mid-March
New York University: by April 1
Northwestern University: by late March
Notre Dame: by early April
Pitzer College: by April 1
Pomona College: by April 1
Princeton University: by March 31
Rice University: by April 1
Stanford University: by April 1
Swarthmore College: by April 1
Tufts University: by April 1
Tulane University: by April 1
University of Chicago: by late March
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: by end of March
University of Pennsylvania: by April 1
University of Virginia: by end of March
Vanderbilt University: by April 1
Wake Forest University: by April 1
Wellesley College: by late March
Wesleyan University: by late March
Williams College: by April 1
Worcester Polytechnic Institute: by April 1
Yale University: by April 1

These dates are, of course, subject to change depending on admissions updates

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