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Your Ultimate Competitive Advantage

The World's FIRST Laureate Certification Course in Advanced Science Research Writing

Signed and Certified by a Nobel Prize Winner in Physiology or Medicine —
A Most Impressive Authentication of your Intellect and Devotion to the Sciences

Join an Elite Group of Students Who are Permitted to Showcase this Extraordinary Credential on their Résumé when Applying to Colleges and Graduate Schools, and for Internships, Scholarships and Grants...

How Will YOU Stand Out?

It’s a growing challenge... and may be even the single most crucial obstacle you must overcome at this stage in your academic career…

How will you significantly stand out among a pool of other high-achieving, exemplary students — ALL competing for the same top schools, internships, grants and scholarships?

You have the right scores, you have the right grades, you even have the right leadership, but do you have the right credentials to be accepted?

FACT: There are only so many unique ways to prove how exceptional you are.

So how do YOU gain that unique competitive advantage right now?

How will YOU capture Admissions’ attention at your Reach Schools and be accepted over other top candidates?

What can YOU do to show that you push beyond intellectual boundaries by finding fascinating ways to learn outside of school? That you are passionate about the life of the mind?

One way to demonstrate your passion, drive and commitment to your bright STEM future is by earning a unique credential that only a select few students in the world possess.

Earn your Advanced Academic Certification in Science Research Writing under the auspices of Nobel Laureates in Medicine or Physiology, and receive your personalized certificate authenticated by a Nobel Prize Winner to prove it.

This Can Become YOUR Ultimate Competitive Advantage


Laureate Certification

Enroll Now In The Advanced Science Research Writing Certification Course and Get Your Credential

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Become a Certified Science Research Writer

This intensive 10-week course consists of self-paced modules covering all aspects of documenting a research project & creating a professional-grade research paper.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will receive an official certificate signed by a Nobel Laureate and will possess the skills and knowledge to author a paper which may be submitted to the most prestigious national and international STEM competitions. This extraordinary distinction will change the course of your college admissions and will further inform your passion for STEM.

Upon Completion, You Will Gain:

Three Outstanding Benefits

[1] An Exclusive Credential

You will receive a beautiful, suitable-for-framing certificate, signed by a world-renowned Nobel Prize-Winner, along with a PDF version and an authenticated link that can be submitted with your college applications, or for securing lab internships, and summer jobs.

[2] Elite Knowledge & Skills

By completing this comprehensive certification course, you'll possess the knowledge and skill set required to create a professional research paper that can be submitted to the most prestigious national and international STEM competitions.

[3] A Lifelong Resource

You'll be able to return to the course materials again and again, whenever you need guidance in preparing a professional research paper. It's a reference that will keep you on the cutting edge of high school, college, and graduate school research opportunities.

Begin The Course. Enroll Now!

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An Important Message About the Course

Dr. Deborah Bedor, author of the Amazon best-selling books The Exceptional Applicant and Getting IN by Standing OUT: The New Rules for Admission to America's Best Colleges, and CEO of College Admission Central.

Course Roadmap

There are 10 essential elements to a professionally-authored science research paper. This course will teach you how to prepare each one in detail:


Module 1: Lab Notebook

Your lab notebook is the cornerstone of your research. In this first course module, you will learn how to document your work to professional standards.


Module 2: Title Page and Table of Contents

Determine if your paper needs a title page and table of contents, and learn the proper way to format them if it does.


Module 3: Abstract

The Abstract will summarize your research and should be able to stand on its own. You will learn what to include and what to leave out.


Module 4: Introduction

Includes background and a review of literature, from general information to more specific findings that lead to the gap in current knowledge.


Module 5: Methods & Materials

This section of your paper lists what you did during your research and what substances and equipment you used to carry out your experiments.


Module 6: Supporting Documentation & References

How to select proper visual aids, including tables and figures, to present your information. How to reference other research and provide credit where it is due.


Module 7: Results & Analysis

You will learn to present the results of your experimental research, including
the data you collected during your experiments.


Module 8: Discussion & Future Research

In this section, you will learn how to synthesize your results, provide context and interpretation, and explain why your results are important.


Module 9: Conclusion

Learn how to review the problem. and present the steps you took, your findings, and their implications. Also, how to describe possible future experiments to address unanswered questions.


Module 10: Bibliography / Works Cited

No paper is complete without a precisely-formatted compilation of every work you've reviewed or employed in relation to your project.

A Look Inside the Course

Your course is delivered to you—on demand—via an industrial-strength LMS platform. You'll work at your own pace, on your own time, and learn by the methods most comfortable to you: video, audio, or print:

Video & Audio Lessons

Fully responsive. View on desktop or mobile. Random access to all available modules.

Downloadable & Printable Workbooks

Expand upon the video lessons. Read online or download to print or save.

Bonus Materials

This course will teach you how to author a paper of sufficient caliber to enter a top science competition. The bonus compilation will provide insights into the major national and international science fairs.

Upon Successful Completion of the Course You Will Receive the Premier STEM Credential

  • Impressive ready-for-framing certificate
  • Inscribed with your name and signed by a Nobel Prize-Winner
  • Immediate download of PDF version and issuance of authenticated link for inclusion in your résumé and on applications

A Word About Tuition Fees

And Your Investment in this Credential

Developing a course of this depth and caliber harnessed the expertise of a team of MD/PhD instructors and a professional LMS (Learning Management System) designer.

It also involved the integration of a blockchain technology platform to authenticate the Laureate Certificate that is issued to graduates, ensuring that admissions officers, lab directors, and employers are able to log into a secure portal to verify the authenticity of your certificate.

Critically, the course is made accessible to you on high-availability servers maintained by a professional staff.

Lastly, our instructors and full-time support staff are on call to assist in resolving any issues with the course or your enrollment.

Despite this huge investment in development, delivery, and ongoing support, we are able to offer the Laureate Certification course to you at the absolute lowest tuition fee possible.

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Money Back Guarantee

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Both Options Include a 30-Day, No Questions Asked, Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.


Here’s what Students are Saying About the Laureate Certification Course

S. L., Maryland

Excited and Impressed

“Every top tier and Ivy interviewer I spoke with during senior year was excited and impressed that I completed the Advanced Science Research Writing Course and received the Laureate Certification. The certification also opened doors for me during summer before senior year: Having the certification on my resume led to me being selected by a lab director for a well-known university’s summer high school research program, and that, in turn, impressed Admissions at my university of choice. I am thrilled to be a rising freshman at my Ivy League dream school this fall!”

M. M., New York

Very Comprehensive

“The Laureate Certification course is very comprehensive in terms of how it takes students through step-by-step procedures in creating a high-caliber research paper. The videos in each module offer real scientific examples and a clear explanation of what is expected in each section. When I seek out opportunities to do research in college, this course will have served as a solid basis to my research paper writing skills. I'm truly honored to be one of the first participants in this one of a kind course and I firmly believe that it will be of tremendous help to my future college and professional career.”

S. C., New York

Really Helpful

“As a student who wants to do research in high school and college, it is really helpful to know how to do science research writing. This course taught me exactly that—a wealth of research vocabulary, formatting regulations, and accepted procedures for each step in an experiment.” 

Q. M. Long Island

Gave Me a Huge Credential

“As a STEM student and future business major applying to some of the most prestigious programs in the country, I needed to really show that I had a grasp on research and method. Those are important for anyone studying math, finance, or tech-entrepreneurship. The Laureate Certification gave me a huge credential and boost in the admissions process, and I wound up at my Reach school!”

 R. P., Georgia

Added to My Résumé

“The course has benefited me by teaching the foundations of writing a competitive science research paper and adding to the depth of my college résumé.”

J. H., Virginia

Impressed My Lab Director

Where scientific research is not taught in schools, this program can completely change a student’s academic experience in STEM. The certification impressed my lab director who then decided to give me an internship that led to me winning awards at INTEL-ISEF! There is no question that the Laureate Certification helped me get noticed. I am now attending Harvard.”  

D. I., Illinois

Gave Me More Confidence

“This helped me think more like a scientist and researcher, and gave me more confidence in my ability to do research writing now and in the future.”

N. M., Ohio

Made the Difference in My Applications

The course has already begun to benefit me. I have shared the online certificate with colleges that I want to go to and when applying for scholarships, and I believe that it has really made the difference in my applications and acceptances. It also provides me with a lifelong skill in an easy to learn format, giving me an advantage over my peers who probably haven't even begun to learn about scientific research writing.”


Is there a required start date or finish date?

No. The course is completely self-paced. You can begin whenever time permits and complete the course on your own schedule. There is no required start or finish date.

Why is it a 10-week course?

A professionally-authored scientific research paper has up to 10 distinct sectional elements. This course is composed of 10 modules, each corresponding to one of those sections. When you enroll, the first module is immediately available, and subsequent modules are released to you on a weekly basis thereafter.

Can I complete the course in under 10 weeks?

Yes you can, by requesting to be put on the “Fast-Track” version of the course. Please note: should you wish this option, please make the election as early as possible, since your quizzes will not carry over between versions.

What is the structure of the course?

As noted, there are 10 modules, each corresponding to a section or element of a research paper. Each module consists of a narrated video lesson and a comprehensive downloadable workbook, followed by a multiple-choice quiz. You must pass the quiz with a grade of 70% or better to elevate to the next module. (If you don’t pass, you can restudy the material and retake the quiz.)

What is required to receive my Laureate Certification?

To become certified, you must prove mastery of the material by first passing all 10 module quizzes and then pass the final (with a grade of 70% or better). After passing the final, you will immediately receive a digital certificate and authenticated link, followed by a “suitable for framing” printed and signed certificate four to six weeks later.

Do I need to conduct a research project right now to enroll in the course?

No. You do not need to pursue a research project at the time you are taking the course. This course will teach you how to document any kind of scientific research but will not provide you with that research project.

Are there any pre-requisites?

There are no formal pre-requisites for this course.

Do the course materials ever Expire?

The course content never expires. You can treat the materials as a comprehensive professional resource and refer to them when you secure a lab appointment or later in your career.

What grade levels is this appropriate for?

Most students are in high school (freshmen to seniors) but many college students and some exceptional middle-schoolers have successfully completed the course and received certification.

Can I complete this over the summer or during a school break?

Yes, many students elect to do so. Others prefer to complete each module when released.

How much study time is required for each module?

Typically, two to four hours. However, some modules are more comprehensive than others, and have multiple components which may require more time for completion.

Are any scholarships or financial aid available?

Not at this time. Course tuition has been held to the lowest amount possible. However, please note that a three-payment plan is available as an enrollment option.

Can a sibling or immediate family member also enroll and become certified?

Yes. A second enrollment is available at a 50% tuition discount. Contact us for the second student discount code.

What if I have a question that’s not answered here?

Just send an email to [email protected]

A Final Note...

"This unique course will provide you with the skills and tools you need to create a professional grade research paper, and your certification will open the door to coveted college acceptances, research opportunities, and the most eminent science competitions."

Dr. Deborah Bedor, CEO of College Admission Central and Executive Director of

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