The Exceptional Applicant

You don’t have to be perfect. You just have to be original.

Big Shifts in College Admissions Ahead!

College Acceptance has changed in big ways since the pandemic, and you need to know how! Now, learn about the shifts in and strategies for a vibrant high school journey and college acceptance at your dream schools from nationally beloved and renowned Admissions advisor, Dr. Deborah Bedor.


From students and parents

“My high school guidance counselor was clueless about all this! So glad I found this book in time.”

Julie Foucher

“If you're seeking guidance from an expert, look no further. This has it all!”

Tobias Hardy

Exactly What Does Admissions Want to See Now?

More character-based accomplishments, more personal narratives, more unique broadening of your intellectual interests and pushing of academic and leadership boundaries, more demonstration of a growth mindset, more analytical and lyrical approaches to your college essays, more awareness of all the mentors, expert programs, and subject-related resources that are available to help you find your talents, and advance your major skillsets, and shine in your life and on your college application. Admissions doesn’t care what you do—they care why you do it and how thoughtfully and passionately you can express your journey.

What Will You Discover in this Book?

A Look Inside

Developing your Exceptional Applicant Mindset

Big, bold, creative ideas to differentiate you from the crowd of other intelligent students stuck in a standardized educational world.

Plus college application timelines, competitions to enter, inspiring passion projects that will help you launch your own, and tons of sample Common Application essays and excerpts to guide you towards more thoughtful, quirky, and creative drafts.

Writing Your Winning Application

You'll use this unique resource as an “anthology of activation” that will inspire you to take the pieces of your high school life and combine them with the six most important success factors for college applications and Acceptance

This ground-breaking guide will take you by the hand and show you how to develop your unique intellectual and creative interests, threading them together into a remarkable high school career and college application to which Admissions will not be able to say NO.

Wise Advice from Expert Mentors

Nationally-renowned subject experts mentor you in these pages, so you can differentiate yourself via projects in computer science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, research sciences, mathematics for national competitions, debate, athletic leadership, business, humanities, and music.

Also included are interviews with some of Dr. B's Top Tier and Ivy League college students who share their high school "do’s, don’t’s, and should haves" through their rear-view mirrors.

About the Author

Dr. DEBORAH BEDOR, CEO, College Admission Central

As one of the nation’s most beloved and respected college admissions experts and best-selling author of Getting IN by Standing OUT, Dr. Bedor has had the pleasure of coaching and advising Top-Tier and Ivy League-bound pre-college students for the past 30 years, with remarkable acceptance rates. Dr. Bedor works granularly and creatively with each student, from 9th-12th grade, as a mentor, innovative résumé-builder, college application essay consultant, and high school life coach—structuring and elevating every part of the student’s college application journey, creating standout candidates for acceptance. Dr. B graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, Phi Beta Kappa, Summa Cum Laude, and has lectured on student entrepreneurship in workshops at both Harvard and Columbia.

The Essential Resource for Every Stage of Your Journey to College

Don’t know how to get started? You have come to the right place. Whether you are in in 8th or 9th grade and just beginning your creative, academic, athletic, or entrepreneurial adventures or you’re diving into senior year applications and want to stand out to your dream schools, Dr. B’s comprehensive, beautifully written, and meticulous guidebook will take you where you want to go.

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The Exceptional Applicant