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As a Student Interested in Computer Science, Getting Accepted to Your Best College is Vitally Important.

You're a talented math and science student, a natural coder, and you want to be a computer science major. Smart choice. But... you've got special problems stacked against you. Many of the top math and science minds in the country are planning on this major because they see it as the key to the future. Competition is rough as you are measured against students who have self-studied or taken college courses in languages like C++ and Java while still in high school. You need a college that not only can teach you the advanced skills you need to graduate within the field, but one that has a rigorous enough curriculum, stellar reputation, and pro-active career service department to help connect you with quality internships at leading companies from Silicon Valley to Silicon Alley and beyond.

The difference is in which college programs stand out from the rest in the minds of employers. You have to be careful about spending four years at a college with a lackluster computer science program or weak internship placement track record. These days that can be deadly for a post-college career. So getting into one of your target colleges is essential. We know exactly how to give you an advantage over the intense competition you will face from computer science students in the U.S. and from all over the world. The world needs you: the problem solvers and experimenters and builders of our future. Membership in College Admission Central will help start you on the road to success in your collegiate career and beyond.

There has never been anyone like you and there never will be. Now let your colleges know that.

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College Admission Central exists to serve the interests of our student members, providing them with the essential resources and support that’s required to gain acceptance to the perfect college for computer studies. We invite you to join our community today to begin reaping all the benefits of membership.

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