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Admission Experts Will Guide You All Along the Way

The road to college is long and filled with many hazards. A wrong turn anywhere along the way can knock you out of the running. That's why you need AdmissionMap: a comprehensive resource that'll help take you from start to acceptance, organizing your journey and answering your important questions.

Unlike the static books and rehashed web articles you see everywhere — that are akin to an old paper map, AdmissionMap is your customized visual “GPS” for admission. It will show you what you need to know, do, and write to maximize your chances for acceptance to that top school!

Like the screens of a GPS, AdmissionMap videos provide easy-to-follow directions. Intelligently-designed modules cover coursework, test strategies, college selection criteria, scholarships, and much more.

Each module can be viewed in a video player on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer, or you can download the audio portion to listen to while doing other activities, or read along with a summary PDF.

Module Topics Include:

  • Action plan to create new habits for success in high school.
  • Dealing with test anxiety.
  • Tricks to organizing essays & supplements.
  • The questions to ask about choosing the right college.
  • Selecting the best safety schools.
  • How to uncover leadership opportunities: finding the uncommon flag.
  • Templates for writing to: admission officers, guidance counselors, and teachers for recommendations.
  • Handling interviews.
  • How to get merit aid.
  • Internship opportunities.
  • The rescind letter and how to prevent getting one.
  • What to do that can change the course of your application after you submit it.

Unlike your overworked guidance counselor (who might also benefit from AdmissionMap) this action-oriented advice and proven system is accessible to you on demand 24/7/365.

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