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Getting Accepted to College DOESN'T Have to be Confusing and Stressful When You've Got the Newest College Admission Technology and a Powerful Team Working for You


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Get the One-On-One Personal Attention You Need

Access expert hotline consulting. Get fast answers to your urgent admission questions.

Schedule Your 20-Minute Call   ($120 per 20-minute call)

Reserve a full hour session with Dr. Bedor to work on your application strategy, essay topics, and other critical elements. Schedule your session to discover:

  • The secrets of creating a standout college essay (and the things that must NEVER go into your essay)
  • Expert Essay brainstorming & crafting, discussion of best fit colleges, etc.
  • The Big Ideas: Unique Leadership and internship opportunities you never thought of, that Admissions will love
  • How to best develop and present your talents: from theater, music, art, dance, and, journalism to athletics, debate, science research/poster display, engineering, entrepreneurship, intellectual endeavors and social entrepreneurship—all in a way that makes you pop off the application page and grab the attention of Admissions.
  • Strategy for creating the most interesting high school curriculum for your authentic gifts; best test prep; summer programs; and competitions and scholarships in your fields of interest.
  • Schedule Your Session Now   ($360 per session)

You have the grades. You have the scores. But do you have Dr. B to ensure admittance to your dream schools?

Your essay and application worries are OVER.

Every one of your questions will be answered throughout the year on demand via email or phone Personally by our CEO (Dr. Bedor, Ivy League graduate, phi beta kappa with 25+ years of experience serving a high profile international clientele).

All your essays brainstormed and facilitated Exclusively by our CEO.

Plus everything involved in the BigIdeaConsult, crafted and followed up on with meticulous attention to detail throughout the retainer period (including how to write demonstrated interest letters to your admission officers).

National scholarship applications completed with you Personally by our CEO.

Call 800-559-1625 extension 1 for details. (Note: this is a top-tier offering and is priced accordingly. Serious inquiries only please.)


The Exceptional Applicant: For College Admission, You Don’t Have to Be Perfect. You Just Have to Be Original.

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Stressed About Your College Application?
Confused? Overwhelmed?

It's not your fault. Every single student applying to college feels this way…

But, for you, it can be a totally different experience. As a client of College Admission Central, you’ll have access to our exclusive College Acceptance Success System™. You'll know exactly what to do (and NOT do) to get accepted at competitive universities. You'll be in control of the application process. You'll get admissions advice and guidance from caring, hands-on ivy college consultants. The result: much less stress, greater clarity, and the confidence that comes from working with true professionals.

Some families pay up to $25,000 a year to elite private admission consultants (like College Admission Central's CEO, who for 25 years has guided every client to acceptance at one of their top 3 schools).


what if there was a way for you to get most of the benefit of working privately with a top coach for a tiny fraction of the cost? Well, there is.

The savings comes from intelligently combining technology—mobile & web apps, proprietary databases, video, and multimedia tools—with the irreplaceable human element. Only College Admission Central has perfected this approach, all based on our CEO's ivy and top tier acceptance strategies. Our College Acceptance Success System delivers everything you need for a winning application, on demand, for pennies on the dollar compared to consultant rates.

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College Admission Central exists to serve your interests, providing you with the essential resources and support that’s required to gain acceptance to college. We invite you to join our community today to begin reaping all the benefits.