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  • Will Furiousi Will Furiosi

    STEM Research Coordinator
    William Furiosi, a leader in STEM research mentorship, guides and supports students from all backgrounds and locales, nationally and internationally, to develop and conduct innovative, creative, and advanced science research and compete in the nation’s most eminent research competitions.

    , Florida International
  • Michael Blueglass Michael Blueglass

    Science Research Director and STEM Consultant
    Michael Blueglass guides students in the development of high-level science research projects and consults with school systems and educators to enhance their research programs.

    New York International
  • Jerry Zupan

    Science Research Advisor
    Jerry Zupan works privately with individual students and small teams, guiding them through successful independent research projects. He has over 16 years experience teaching both research and upper level biology courses.

    , New York National
  • Allison Blunt Allison Blunt

    Chemistry Tutor & Science Research Advisor
    Allison Blunt tutors Honors chemistry and and works with students to complete high level, original science research projects

    , New York National
  • Wes Carroll Wes Carroll

    Math Competition Prep, Academic Tutoring, Standardized Test Prep
    If STEM is your thing, Wes and his expert team can help you shine brighter. Math Competition coaching, academic tutoring, all test prep, and removal of other barriers to success. Learn more at wescarroll.com

    , , California International
  • Brian Skinner Breakout Mentors Brian Skinner

    Personalized Coding Tutoring and Capstone Project Mentoring
    Brian's curriculum at Breakout Mentors is the perfect blend of structure and open-ended projects for students who want to develop large-scale and impressive coding applications. breakoutmentors.com/

    , California International
  • Jennifer Herrada Jennifer Herrada

    DECA Business Competition Consulting
    With over 21 years of experience as a DECA advisor, Jennifer Herrada has guided students to to compete at the highest level in local, regional, and national business competitions.

    , New York National
  • Joe Capozzi Photo Joseph Capozzi

    AP English Test Prep & Tutoring
    Online tutoring by one of New York’s most respected AP English teachers: specializing in the AP Literature course and exam. One-on-one preparation for the AP Lit curriculum, help with essay writing and critical reading skills, as well as ACT prep.

    , New York International
  • Blaine Blontz

    College Financial Aid
    Blaine is an expert in all aspects of college financial aid. He will help you minimize your out-of-pocket cost to attend the school of your choice.

    Pennsylvania National
  • FutureDocs

    The National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists
    FutureDocs works to identify, encourage and mentor students who wish to devote their lives to the service of humanity. www.futuredocs.com

    District of Columbia National

    Honor Society
    The National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS) is an honor society that recognizes top academic achievers from high schools around the world.

    Georgia International