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Top international students seeking an Ivy League or top tier education know that the most rigorous and renowned university programs will strengthen your critical thinking, build your empathy, and mold your global and workplace leadership skills for a professional world where: analysis and problem solving, decision making, self-motivation and skilled time management, are a way of life. Different schools—even the ones whose names you identify as the top schools in the nation—have different strengths and unique approaches to your field of interest.

Students concerned with discovering just how far they can go in their intellectual development, as well as with opening the right doors in graduate school and professional placement cannot undervalue the credentializing they will receive from the top schools in the nation. After all, your hard work and interesting, authentic stories bring you to college, but college is the intellectual incubator and social network that helps you excel in life. It’s essential to choose the right school with the most exceptional, well-connected, and nurturing faculty for your future leadership on the world stage.

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