Revolutionary Multimedia App Supercharges Your College Application

A groundbreaking product that showcases your high school career in living color! Imagine your talents, academic achievements, athletic prowess, and leadership skills all presented through a multimedia resume that admission officers will be eager to watch. The last thing they want to do is read more plain text. Give them a ResuMotiv presentation and you’ll get their attention!

  • The ResuMotiv web app creates your own 100% custom multimedia resumé and presents it in the format busy admission officers appreciate: a fast-moving LIVING NARRATIVE of your talents and skills that can be viewed on their desktop, tablet, or smartphone
  • A single ResuMotiv weblink shows your complete, unique story and answers the crucial question: why YOU!
  • Every student can benefit by having a ResuMotiv multimedia resume, but it’s ESSENTIAL for those in the fine and performing arts, athletics, debate, science fairs, or any other concentration that has a significant visual, audible, or motion aspect.
  • Easy to use and super powerful, the ResuMotiv tool enables even the technology-challenged to create a Hollywood-caliber presentation with drag-and-drop ease. Simply import your photos, graphics, videos, mp3’s, pdf’s and other resume-worthy materials, and ResuMotiv does all the hard work.
  • Don’t have a lot of media to share? No problem. The built-in editor enables you to create PowerPoint-like slides with compelling animations to help tell your story. Style rules ensure a clean, professional look, even if you’re not a graphic artist.
  • Robust, built-in hosting on our Tier-3 data center servers helps ensure smooth delivery of your media, even during peak traffic times – the downfall of many free hosting servers, even YouTube.
  • Your personalized weblink can be posted on your Facebook, LinkedIn or other social media platform. And remember, your ResuMotiv weblink is perfect for your email signature too.

Preview A Sample ResuMotiv:

Tanya Student – Multimedia Resume

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Astrophysics Research



  1. Astrophysics Research

    At the William and Mary Thomas Harriot Observatory

  2. Junior Class Vice President

    Delivering speech to become Vice President of the Junior Class

  3. Forensics Research

    Preparing for forensics competition

  4. Forensics Competition

    Practice round for Extemporaneous Speaking

  5. Extemporaneous Speaking

    Winning State Championship in Extemporaneous Speaking

  6. Work Experience

    Working as an aid at a summer camp for children with autism

  7. Athletics

    Cross-Country Running

  8. Science Fairs & Projects

    Awards, Presentations, and Projects

    Winning the American Helicopter Society Award at the Tidewater Science and Engineering Fair
    Presentation at National Junior Science and Humanities Symposium
    Constructing components for a fully wired electric house running on an Arduino microcontroller

  9. Research Paper

    Excerpt from paper delivered at the Virginia Junior National Science and Humanities Symposium

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Astrophysics Research



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