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Navigating the mazes of information, decision-making, time management, and conflicting advice on the internet can bewilder both student and parent. Your systematic approach, up to date strategy, and sound advice helped my daughter to organize and put her best foot forward… with wonderful results. She was accepted by her #1 Ivy League dream “reach” school, and offered a Regents Scholarship by a highly respected state university. Thank you. Proud Parent, Marin County (Yale)
You can't find a better college advisor, trusted counselor, and good friend for teens embarking on their college search than Dr. Deborah Bedor, CEO of College Admission Central. In addition to Dr. Bedor's encyclopedic knowledge of colleges' programs and psyches – gathered for clients over 25 years – her expert and creative writing skills in the field will also immensely help if your child would like input on college essays and application voice, clarity and grammar. Her caring insights as a professional admissions expert and counselor very quickly make her the favorite aunt you always wished your children had. If you are lucky enough to find Dr. Bedor early on, she will also help fill your child's high school years (from 9th-12th) with rich, unique experiences, warm memories, and myriad scholarship, award, internship and summer opportunities that she keeps tabs on that enrich teens' interests and passions outside of school. Her new college admission tech products will make it cool and easy for kids to learn how to stay organized through junior and senior year; brainstorm and create their essays; and generate extraordinary multi-media resumes that knock the socks off Admission Officers. I am so grateful that Dr. Bedor helped my son gain admittance to Harvard University. Proud Parent, Los Angeles; (Harvard)
Dr. Deborah Bedor, CEO of College Admission Central, was recommended to us as the premier college packager and lived up to her epitaph glowingly. Her expertise and brilliant insights are only matched by her extraordinary skills in reaching and relating to teens who struggle to find themselves and ultimately present themselves to their colleges of choice. Enthusiastic with astounding consistency, exceptionally strategic-minded, and attuned to the finest details, Dr. Bedor manages to leverage each child's uniqueness, taking them on an affirming journey that reflects the larger ideals and smaller nuances required in a successful college application. Proof, however, is found in her outcomes – and it is a well-known fact that her students enjoy a staggering success rate, securing placement in the top universities. One recommendation: Start in the 8th grade, if you can. College Admission Central's road map, we found, is as essential as the application itself. The earlier a bright, capable student; a non-traditional student; or an extraordinary student is placed with College Admission Central, and begins work with its strategic college products: the EssaySuite, ResuMotiv, and PocketScheduler apps, and the AdmissionMap resource, the less stressful the college application process will be and the more radiantly the student will shine and capture the attention of admission officers at the finest schools in the nation. Dana Leman, Iowa (Stanford, Harvard)
My only problem after working with College Admission Central is that I got into ALL of my Ivy League choices and now I have to choose! The happiest headache of my life! My college application experience was amazing. I had heard about the unlimited access that College Admission Central gives to its students; I just didn’t believe it. I began work with one of their admissions experts during ninth grade, and every quarter we had a meeting to review my grades, my course choices for the upcoming semester or year; the right school-year and summer research programs; the most important clubs and community service options for my talents; the leadership opportunities that existed for me outside of school; the perfect scholarship competitions to apply for; and the creative ways I could develop an exciting and unusual high school career. By senior year I was using the coolest admission products anywhere: the PocketScheduler and ResuMotiv apps (both of which changed my life!) What I liked about our work together was that I never just felt that the advice and services were only helping me in my college search. They were helping me to become a more interesting human being. I even learned how to do an elevator pitch and handle my college interviews. I owe College Admission Central a great deal. Student, New Jersey (Princeton University, Brown University, University of Pennsylvania, Swarthmore)
My ResuMotiv presentation was an amazing tool to show off my piano and science skill. I know it caught the attention of college admission officers who had to slog through 30,000 applications that all looked pretty similar. I was worried about how to be sure colleges would read everything on my resumé. College Admission Central's awesome multimedia app allowed me to demonstrate my science research, science fair displays and presentations, tennis tournaments, and my solo piano performances all in an artistic multimedia resume with color and music. I was able to generate the resumé simply by following the directions. I even heard from an admission officer that it was “the most beautiful presentation he had ever seen!” Thank you for the PocketScheduler app too, which made it easy to check my college application tasks every day, and enabled my parents to take a step back and trust me to handle things. No kidding. I don't think I could have kept everything together this year without CACentral's products. My results were unbelievable. I got into my dream schools! Student, NYC: (Brown PLME; Rice 8 year Med)
I can't begin to thank College Admission Central and Dr. Bedor enough for the perceptive, all-knowing inside information, and really creative essay-mentoring sessions. Dr. B. answered my questions at any hour, it seemed; made me feel as though my application was her most important concern—(and I hear that from a lot of her students); and had techniques and technology that she created and built specifically for College Admission Central that you can't find anywhere else. Everyone I know who has worked with them has the same response: amazing advice and strategizing, creative and brilliant essay guidance, on-demand counseling for important questions that inevitably come up, and very cool technology. And you don't have to pay hyper-expensive fees to get the most up to date college advice. I kind of wish I could go through the process using the new social network that's coming soon: CollegeJabber. That sounds like a lot of fun, seriously informative—since college experts hop on and off the site to answer questions every week, and a great way to connect with students from all over the world—without having to worry about the trolls on College Confidential. For juniors and seniors looking for the most personal and outstanding admissions advice and packaging—there is only College Admission Central. Student, Long Island (Duke)
Thank you so much for all of your help! This wouldn't have happened without you, and I appreciate your guidance so much. I'm so happy to be a Golden Bear next year, and can't wait for all the adventures to come! Adora S., Washington (UC Berkeley)
When I asked my guidance counselor for help in presenting myself to top colleges and conservatories as a performer-a classical singer-she said ‘Well, I can't help you there.’ I am so lucky to have found College Admission Central which gave me the guidance and tools I needed to set myself apart from a talented applicant pool and present my performance career to my dream school. Thank you so much! Gabby L., Great Neck, NY (Northwestern)

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