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Here at College Admission Central, we know the value of one-on-one advising, strategizing, and mentoring in your high school career, leadership and internship opportunities, scholarships, and best fit summer programs to bring our students one step up in the process of finding their authentic selves and demonstrating their unique gifts to College Admissions Officers. However, we are also well aware of the need to democratize the college advising process so that all of our students from every background and setting—rural to urban, East Coast to West Coast to International—can have the kind of advantage and access to encyclopedic knowledge of application building that our beloved CEO, Dr. B, has been giving to her top tier, Ivy, and celebrity clientele for 25 years. We answered this call by taking all of Dr. B’s winning advice and strategies and building them into an exclusive suite of Admission Technology.

It’s no secret that high school students live their lives through technology: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vine, and Ocho, so there is no reason for them to want to learn about the new college application rules, and admission strategy and advice through anything but technology! For pennies on the dollar of what it costs to work with a personal advisor every week for a year or two in high school, College Admission Central has given students, world-wide, the ability to have a renowned admission expert’s advice in their pocket, on their desktop, and across all platforms.

The rules for College Admission have changed. You’ll find out how top colleges are choosing students for 2015 through CACentral’s exclusive admission tech products: AdmissionMap™ Multimedia product that talks you step-by-step through a winning acceptance plan and strategy; PocketScheduler™ Customized scheduler for your high school career with alerts for all application tasks/deadlines, and parental notification as application tasks are completed (you’ll never have to worry about scheduling or strategically allotting preparation time for all those tests, interviews, college visits, or social events again); EssaySuite™ Total system to brainstorm, craft, polish, and organize your essays, with sample winning essay critiques by AP English teachers and top admission experts; and ResuMotiv™ a personalized multimedia résumé presentation that colleges love—introducing you to Admissions, visually, as a unique, talented, and articulate candidate. And of course, there is one-on-one creative and strategic coaching with CACentral’s experts, and with our CEO, Dr. B, who takes the normally stressful application process and makes it a fun, clever, and extraordinary journey.

College Admissions Estimator

So, we’re obviously fans of this new wave in using smart technology to help you learn. We keep an eye out for any new tech that will help our students understand and navigate the application process. In that spirit, we’d like to turn your attention to The College Admissions Estimator: a nice tech tool for those systems-oriented students and families who like to check their testing and GPA numbers with those being accepted presently at universities around the country. The College Admissions Estimator, currently in Beta, provides students with a quick way to see how they match up against the student bodies at a large number of universities. This can help potential applicants get an idea of their chances at their “dream school” in addition to their safeties and targets.

With College Admission Central’s unique and affordable info-tech package: The College Acceptance Success System, plus some one-on-one coaching when the time is right for you, every student can have an edge in Admissions. Begin this exciting journey of learning how to explore and nurture your authentic selves as freshmen, sophomores, or juniors, and you’ll be shocked by the universities that say: ACCEPTED!

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