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A Peek Into a Few Early Admission Statistics for 2015:

Examples of An Upswing in Early Admission Applications:

Dartmouth College received 1,856 early applications — a 10 percent increase over last year.

University of Pennsylvania
Penn received a 5 percent increase in early decision applications this year as compared to last year, reaching an all-time high of 5,390 applicants. It has now been two years in a row that more than 5,000 applicants have applied early to Penn. We can unquestionably see a national trend toward early admission programs in order to show the college of choice more “love” and loyalty, thereby hopefully creating an admission bump for the early student. Dean of Admissions Eric Furda explained the increase by surmising “college counselors know that we are going to fill 45 to 50 percent of incoming students in early decision.” In fact, Penn did accept 54 percent of the Class of 2018 early admission candidates. In the prior year, Penn had accepted 49 percent of its incoming class through early decision.

If you need any further proof that Penn loves to be loved, these stats would be it.

Examples of a Decline In Early Admission Applications:

Duke received over 3,100 Early Decision applications for their Class of 2019. The number of applications represents a small decline from last year’s numbers, when the University received a record 3,180 early candidates. Last year, 47% of Duke’s Class of 2018 committed to Duke through early application.

Brown received 3,016 Early Decision applications for admission to their class of 2019. This represented “a 2% decline from last year’s record high,” said Dean of Admission Jim Miller.
There was, however, a 2% increase in International applicants to Brown this year—making up 17% of the applicant pool. Miller attributed the rise in international applicants to “a significant amount of international recruitment” by the admission office.

Miller said that Minority students made up “33% of the early applicant pool.”



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