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Spotlight on International Students Who Wish to Study in the U.S. (Part 2)

International Students Must Do their Due Diligence

Another vital part of an international application is doing your due diligence through in depth college research. It’s a big and exciting step to pursue studies in another country. Study the website of every college on your wish list. Make use of the college’s international admissions officer—every university has one. If the college mentions a chance to speak with one of its current international students, take it! Ask about all of your concerns: the menu options in the dining halls; acceptance and tolerance on campus: how welcoming the university is toward internationals; the religious activities available; the cultural groups and clubs for internationals; the weather (if you are from a very warm climate, East Coast or Midwest winters might come as more than a shock to the system; and if you are from an area that is more frequently cold, the hot or humid weather of our southern universities may be uncomfortable during fall and spring); the work-load and distributional requirements, especially if you are a fantastic STEM student whose English is not quite as strong as your technical background; or how long the school vacations are (to estimate how much time you will have to visit family back home)? Create a list and post the positives and negatives for each of your school choices, but be aware that the academic and extracurricular experiences should top your list of priorities.

Be pro-active. The students and admission specialists are there for you, but you would be surprised how few international students take advantage of the opportunities to ask questions. If you have questions for which you cannot receive adequate answers, just drop us an email at info(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) We’ll be happy to help.

What About the Future?

Think ahead about what you hope to accomplish while on campus. Do you want to research and publish? Do you want specific internship experience? Do you hope to continue in an American graduate school? Do you intend to return to your country for a professional career? All of these questions figure in to a successful and rewarding college-abroad experience.

Good luck with your excellent adventure!

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