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Online College Courses and Degrees: Do They Get Respect?

Online learning has faced a steep climb in terms of receiving respect from universities and recruiters. There are questions about the level of curriculum rigor, lack of in-class collaboration and intellectual give and take in such courses. All of these issues lead to a tough sell when an on-line student applies for a professional internship or job up against a private or state university-trained student.

However, the mindsets of students and employers are changing as college costs become prohibitive, and as employers need the latest and greatest in tech skills that university students studying liberal arts may not yet have conquered by graduation.

Without the stress of getting to a class on-time after your shift at work ends, the cost of traveling to and from the classes, or the possibility of being closed out of a class, students can learn anything on their own time schedules through online courses, as long as they choose their online schools carefully—make sure the school you select has developed some degree of respect in the particular field you hope to study.

Let’s learn more in this article on the pros and cons of online courses. Yours truly is quoted towards the end 🙂

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