A New and Exclusive Program from College Admission Central

Multimedia Video Program featuring Michael Blueglass, Science Fair Judge

With Insider Tips and Unique Information Resources For High School Students Seeking a Competitive Edge

  • Discover Great Research Opportunities for High School Students in the Medical and Biological Sciences
  • How to decide on a project area
  • How to find a mentor and create a project
  • Expected amount of time to spend on a project
  • Prohibited types of projects
  • Insights into the different competitions
  • Ages/grade levels & categories eligible for each competition
  • What judges typically look for
  • Tips for each competition and format
  • How projects and presentations are critiqued
  • Where to go for help or mentorship
  • Where and how to register
  • How to give yourself an advantage

Suitable and Recommended for All Levels

“Whether you’re just getting started or have already competed, this course will help you conduct a college-level science fair project.”
Dr. Deborah Bedor, CEO, College Admission Central

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