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The Top Ten STEM Majors to Pursue in College

Clearly, in the present college environment, STEM Majors are the “favorite children” for internships and first job opportunities.

Here are the top ten most employable STEM majors and some professional options within each major:

  1. Information Technology is presently considered the most valuable major, with a #1 national ranking for employability. A degree in Info Tech is invaluable for business, entrepreneurship, technology-heavy career options, and the growth field of information security analyst. The National Average Salary listed is above $92,000
  2. Computer and Information Sciences takes the second place in the ranking. Students are prepared for professional opportunities in business, entrepreneurship, information systems manager, computer systems administrator, computer systems analyst. Both earning potential and projected job opportunity are excellent, with National Average Salary over $85,000.
  3. Mathematics takes third place on the professional STEM major list. A rigorous Mathematics education is widely available in hundreds of universities throughout the nation, and the career options are enormous: general business, entrepreneurship, financial analyst, banking or insurance, accounting, product manager, technology companies, medicine, academia.
  4. Civil Engineering is among four engineering majors to rank in the top ten (but truly every engineering major, these days, is valuable and a good bet for students so inclined). The job projection for the next five to seven years is strong and optimistic. The National Average Salary is above $85,000.
  5. Computer Engineering is highly available as a rigorous and timely major, the job projection for college graduates with this major is tremendous. Students find positions in start-ups, as entrepreneurs, general business, administration, and as coders in major tech companies from Silicon Valley to Silicon Alley (in NYC). Demand for excellent and malleable coders is so high that the National Average Salary is above $107,000.
  6. Computer Programming allows students great flexibility in possible industry jobs, and has surging projections in employability. The National Average Salary is above $68,000.
  7. Environmental Engineering Technology is an affordable and widely available college major with strong employment projections over the next five years. Although the National Salary Average may not see as high as others, the field provides an impressive open door to the high paying field of engineering.
  8. Nuclear Engineering Technology affords students tremendous employment opportunity and, again, an impressive toe hold in engineering. The National Average Salary is above $73,000.
  9. Petroleum Technology may seem like a bit of a wild card major, but, as an associate degree, it brings students into the work force sooner and reliably. With a National Salary Average above $59,000 and a national job growth of 15%, students can know that their degree will result in stable employment opportunities.
  10. Marine Sciences top off the ten most employable major list, and is becoming a favorite among environmentally conscious students. Employment options can be found in marine biology, oceanography, ocean engineering, to name a few. The National Average Salary is surprisingly strong at over $108,000.

So, if you have interest in STEM study in general, and these majors in particular you’re likely to have a fruitful and stable career after college. Good luck!

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