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Spotlight on International Students Who Wish to Study in the U.S. (Part 2)

International Students Must Do their Due Diligence Another vital part of an international application is doing your due diligence through in depth college research. It’s a big and exciting step to pursue studies in another country. Study the website of every college on your wish list. Make use of the college’s international admissions officer—every university …

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Spotlight on International Students Who Wish to Study in the U.S. (Part 1)

Universities in the U.S. welcome international students with pride and the knowledge that they will make each campus more compelling, interesting and vibrant. If you are an international student, you should know that your classroom participation will inform the perspectives of American students in essential ways—lending important and divergent voices to global issues. The Application …

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Revise Your Ideas About Revision

I know, I know… the college essay process is stressful! However, learning to appreciate, surrender to, and respect the art of revision as a high school senior will be terrific experience for your future writing (which will also require respecting and surrendering to the art of revision). You will be revising resumes, activity sheets, personal …